Case Studies

We are proud to have supported a number of service providers at different stages of their IPTV and OTT journeys. Below is a selection of success stories which may inspire your own TV service transformation.

Bulsatcom – a leading national TV service provider Helping the market leader innovate and grow with superior IPTV technology

Bulsatcom has been the leading national provider of high-end TV services in Bulgaria for over 15 years, serving 700K+ subscribers. Having started as a DTH operator, Bulsatcom estimated that the company had reached market saturation, and a new generation of TV service was required to secure business growth.

To secure this growth, Bulsatcom made the strategic decision to introduce an IPTV 2.0. TV service, reflecting their vision of the company in the future. They envisioned a TV service providing enhanced interactivity, superior user experience and rich TV and VOD content bundled with third-party OTT on every device.

Bulsatcom entrusted MediaHub with taking their IPTV service to the next level by deploying its premium multi-screen solution – TimeView.

One year after its introduction, the new service has successfully contributed to expanding Bulsatcom’s customer base, allowing them to upsell current customers, thus cementing their present and future leadership position.

TimeView is a tailor-made solution which accommodates the client’s vision about their service. The platform can be tailored in terms of content structure, content discovery logic and can be easily adapted to include a variety of content types – live and on-demand.

As an end-to-end solution developed entirely in-house, TimeView secures flawless compatibility of all platform modules, resulting in a flow of performance optimizations. One of many notable innovations introduced by TimeView reduces live TV video traffic by 50%.

The platform’s UX/UI is based on a unique concept of user experience. The contemporary design concept is not its only asset. Many innovative functionalities, untypical for TV content, were crafted: binge-watching, enhanced continue watching and Smart Archive, are just a few.

Being a premium IPTV solution, TimeView runs entirely on native applications.

Bulsatcom’s IPTV service is accessible on Google-certified Android STB, smart TVs and mobile applications. It supports HD and 4K video quality and offers intuitive navigation, enhanced interactivity and content personalization options.

TimeView manages the entire content delivery process – from video processing, storage and delivery to the back-end solution ending with the user interface. It prepares and serves video content and manages user sessions and hardware resources.

Elemental.TV - a Global OTT TV service Ensuring leadership to a newcomer in a saturated market

Elemental.TV is a global OTT TV service provider delivering high-quality service to subscribers from more than 85 markets across the globe. They chose Media Hub’s turnkey IPTV 2.0 software platform – TimeView, to launch their service in 2017.

Our task was to ensure Elemental.TV can quickly gain traction upon entering the global market by providing a competitive service at a competitive price.

The task required a two-pronged approach. First, to deliver a fast, stable service with superior user experience, easily scalable to an unlimited number of subscribers. Second, to optimize costs related to video storage and delivery.

TimeView offered the solution to both. Elemental.TV launched an IPTV service superior to its competitors, and quickly gained a large user base of loyal subscribers.

In just 5 years, Elemental.TV became the market leader in its segment. It is the number one TV service in total revenue, subscriber growth and ARPU.

TimeView is built on proprietary modules designed to work in synergy and secure the shortest route of video files. Thus, we ensure an IPTV service, adaptive to bitrate, with no glitches and perfect picture quality.

Scalability at optimized cost is achieved via our innovative Cashing CDN solution. Along with the Storage solution, both are built on distributed software architecture to secure redundancy and high availability. The innovations implemented in the Cashing CDN Solution result in reduced video and server loads and optimized hardware effectiveness, regardless of the geographical scope of the service.

TimeView applies an innovative UX/UI concept based on in-depth knowledge of user behavior. We crafted a number of innovative functionalities, aimed at providing users with an enjoyable and painless experience. All of these were tailored to reflect Elemental.TV vision about their service usability. Alongside interactive functionalities, an improved navigation logic, content structure and content access, were applied.

Accessible via Native Android App, Android set-top-box and web app, the service supports HD picture quality for 60+ channels.

Telekabel – a leading regional TV service provider Enabling a regional operator to fend off big telcos.

Telekabel is a leading regional TV service provider in Bulgaria, delivering TV and internet services to over 60 towns in the country. National telecoms, entering the TV market with competitive offerings, put local providers at risk of losing customers.

Telekabel needed to be proactive to protect its customer base. The company made the strategic decision to compete against big telcos by offering a technologically superior IPTV service.

Telekabel entrusted MediaHub with helping them prepare for the future and deploy a tailor-made IPTV solution in line with their business vision.

As a result, PlayTV was introduced - a new generation multi-screen IPTV service. Securing technological superiority allowed Telekabel not only to prevent churn, but also to upsell and considerably increase ARPU.

Telekabel needed a modern IPTV service: fast, stable and user-friendly, with advanced and intuitive functionalities. However, it needed to secure a smooth transition with its current service to avoid losing its customers.

With over 15 years in the TV and media business, MediaHub has in-depth insights into user habits and their evolution. Based on this knowledge, we have developed advanced solutions in UI/UX, which were placed at the heart of the new IPTV 2.0. TV service.

How did we manage to make the transition between what users were used to and what they didn’t yet know they would love?

As a first step, we created the vision of the new service. Telekabel trusted us to apply our expertise by offering them a concept, and implementing the latest and future trends in IPTV.

Then, we analyzed current end-user habits and identified the functionalities crucial for securing the smooth transition from old to new service.

Finally, we aligned the “must-have” functionalities with the new service concept, through a series of innovations.

Upgraded features like the Advanced EPG, Smart Archive and Smart channel list, to name a few, allowed us to keep the service familiar while smoothly introducing the new platform logic.

At the same time, the superior back-end programming of the platform secured a fast and stable service. Viewers can indulge in HD channels, fast channel zapping and zero buffering.